Wednesday, December 26, 2012




is this to me.

 Torched heart scarred soul tortured mind.


 Weighted shoulders supporting jagged icebergs.


 Root balls of pain planted in my brain seeding new weeds waiting to be pulled.


This is Stained to me.

Split Mirror

Silence sleeping next to me.
Laying as two and the Raven flies dividing them.
Bounding chains chiming in the wind
Plotted predetermined walls splitting Forrest.
A jest to only be told to the future as a lost dream.
A dream possible yet an impossibility confined to a dream.
A legacy evolving from a realized fate. 
A destiny already spoken but unheard and unseen.
Blind until time has told the story that was to be unfolded.
Written as riddles, bold in code
like an emphatic child
like a reservoir spilling into its reserve
like a Raven soaked in oil
Because it believed and dreamed
Because it absorbed and refrained
Because it smiled over tears
Secretly reflecting while it is deflecting
Deflecting what it wants to see
Reflecting how it shall never be.
A dream oft silenced on a pillow shared.
So easy breath forgotten, so easy hunger misplaced.
Contextual emotions greyed by defined lines at our feet.
Walking through between the shadows casted at my feet
A glimpse of now and then, now and never when.
Oil binding  feathers of flight saturated in fear.
F*?*ear to what is to become
Fear what is to lived.

Monday, December 10, 2012


Fingers stained with tainted blood poisoned buy dirty money

Hearts ripped out buy razors lashed from steel whips,
woven with wine and whiskey laced with skins of rats

Stomachs drawn through the navels of insanity
Leaching toxic words undigested by nubby soft incisors 

Bleeding gums ingested to coat the throat for the tongue to follow down

A downward spiral into the depths of an empty stomach

Organ donor card simply reads yes please
Prosthetic legs replace phantom pains from fire
Melting flesh, burning hair unable to curb the chill air that shoots ice subcutaneously into the soul

Glass egg shells tearing feet ceasing ambulatory progress
Infinite forks lay in the road speared with brain matter of sheep

Topless three armed unix enslaved drooling acid
Lipless toothless decayed walking matter
Praying for death their only real hope

Sam 4:15


Enslave, Exhausted

Consuming, Spending, Taxes

Money, Cradle - Grave, Dying 

Uniting, Dividing, Killing

Red tape shackles 


Raven's Ghost

Ghost of Darragh's past

Broken hearted, Suspicious

Dealing, Spiraling, Losing

Smirking witch, Raven - Raven Serene, Skeletons rested

Conquering, Fulfilling, Loving

Free thoughts, Determined

Darragh's ghost to come

The Punisher

Frustration and anger comes on thyself.
Spoon fed twisted tongues of fate.
Promises of forever and happiness to only rest once in each other.
Arms with empty truths, eyes full with spears.
Betrayed and broken from a daemon within once again.
Dreaming of a love that which shall not lie to this broken forsaken heart.
Scarred and tattered, bruised and numb.
The pain becomes tolerable.
A normal occurrence, a normal feeling never to change until the truth of one would free me from these chains.
Locked in an inevitable lust, impossible dream of love.
Smiles camouflaging tears with a raven on my shoulder.
Whispering never more while feasting on the bloody remains of a still beating canceress mass blackened by them. 
They feel themselves, they feel not me and no nay never could feel me.
A daily flight from shoulder to my bottomless stomach to feed and protect its claim behind walls of stone and iron.
Gates locked from the outside and keys laying in the moats surrounding me.
Water of fire, hail of blood, burning up hopes and dreams fading from tablets Etched with broken finger nails and teeth.

No need for sight so the raven gorges on my eyes.
No need to journey so he boils my feet.
No need for holding another so he splurges on my hands.

Leaving my ears as to hear my own cries of pain and loss running to nowhere for comfort 

Theoretically irrelevant.

Friday, December 07, 2012


 Rests in a plastic bottle 
 Spoils dreams and ambitions that never leave the tip of the tongue
 Kills digestion of reality

 A wildfire hopping a highway consuming estates of the elite
 A bee fleeing from its detached stinger
 A crucifix overlooking the unfaithful

 The sense of security led upon by the first sip


It Hung there 
Around my collar bones grasping my heart
Fused to my bones and rusted to my heart keeping it close to my chest
Jingles from my suffocating night terrors
Strengthens, enables my backbone while strangling my heart
Spine of stone and heart of gold waiting to be melted free from these shackles of ol 

No One Of Consequence

Running fast to nowhere
I stare into myself finding emptiness
Peppered holes in a soul begging to be filled
Silenced from envy and pain
My ears take that which my shoulders carry heavy
Words fall deep down buried from all that which matters

My Raven

 Perches atop my brain's mantle. For art thou all-knowing?
 Feeds on the knowledge that is to be. Digests the evil that is within me.
 Gross submissive to a life on scene

 A landfill collecting the lost, unwanted, and decomposing.
 A River washing away the leaves, the dirt, and contaminants.
 A star aging to his supernova

 Me from there in justices

My Hell

My Hell
Common, Eternal
Consuming, Twisting, Revealing
Seeded Deep Down Within
My life

My Eyes

 Truth, Vision
 Seeing, Knowing, Looking
 Ears, Hands - Photographs, negatives 
Dimming, Confusing, Creating
 Black, Lost
 Dark room


Misplaced is this to me.
 A warm hand laid upon a cold shoulder
 A ricochet of sound lost through a brick alleyway 
 A lone wolf forever howling at the nights sky
This is Misplaced to me.

Mind's Mirror

The Raven stalks my heart from upon my shoulder. 
Fly's above away from the pain far from my chains. 
Sleeps in my cranium resting on a pillow of grey matter. 
like a shadow cast down from the moon onto the day's dream. 
A serpent dislocating it's jaw to swallow it's pride. 
A fire breathing dragon bathing in gasoline. 

Eating my thoughts regurgitating wisdom in the mouths of chicks.


It poured.
It cried.
It laughed.
Again it weeps.
Drained dry from salty water.
Untrusted it retracts into its cave where to dwell is its dwelling.

Darkness blackens shadows.
Minutes become days.The pain numbs head to toe,
forever to walk on burning coals.

Wishing not to go through this again
Wishing the pain to be rid of this shell.
To lock myself in my own minds attic
Swallowing the dulled key and Removing my hands while sleeping on a bed of earwigs.

Useless, worn, and no longer.
my heart confounded, weakened.
Still, tis my heart.

Just A Mile

My shoes
Imprinted with heels blistered
Wandering searching for serenity
A time of loss and lost
Sight was taken, trust was taken.



Protective, Digestive

Intoxicating, Reverberating, Reconstituting

Heart, Dark - Dollars, Debt

Following, Begging, Praying

Misinformed, Disillusioned


Good vs. Evil

I pause briefly in certainty, a realization like when we sit as children under the christmas tree awaiting the opening of presents set down by our loved ones.

Never to be disappointed by the memories to be unwrapped. so you gasp as you tare open the wrapped gift while your heart pauses in excitement.

Good people will gasp every time love strikes us but its the evil people that will disappoint us time and time again. yet we keep opening the packages. 
They will give us just enough to wonder if the next one will be better so we stick around. like caesar giving his people just enough to have to remain under his rule.

Evil will blind us, harm us, and twist our minds into believing what we have is good enough. 
They are so involved in creating the lie that makes them that they self consciously cannot trust themselves which leads to the eventual distrust of us. 

Like the user that will steal from their mother for a fix, a thief posing as security
Like a snake playing dead to catch a meal.
Like water off a ducks back, we let it go hoping that it will get better but our feet under the surface of the water tells a different story. 
To go against every instinct to react, to rebut and fight back only causes inevitable pain. the signs are there if we choose to see them and hopefully detour from the manipulation. 
their evil plans is long term. its just the way they are and how they work. 
My answer is chaos. disrupt their order, their plans by not giving in to their demands.
What we do naturally will instill a fear of uncontrolled power set aside Bit by bit daily by them to break us down over time. 
They may not be to blame specifically but the world has no place for those liars, cheats and thieves.
For every one of them, there are 4 good people and we control who we socialize with.

Some would say, i never saw it coming but if you really look at it you would. that why you always see it after the fact.

I breathe again inn my sudden moment of clarity. 
Like the surreal, technicolored day of an eclipse
Like a polished pearl for the first time things just look better.

Walking is easier
Laughing is greater. 
The pain doesn't hurt as much and my heart slowly refills with the misplaced trust previously rented to evil.
True memories return among shining rays of sun and new rain cleanses the depression that manifested from stagnant infestations of false maternities.

The trees are taller and greener
The stars are bigger and  brighter
Mistaken love becomes forsaken hugs.
People are friendlier and you no longer want to kick the neighbors dog for barking 5 hours straight.
Concerns have become small and goals and dreams are now larger than life itself.
I see now that it is not evil people and good people but evil and good in people and the choice we each make to live with.
I used, harmed, and danced with death and it turns out that it is not worth the pain that follows.

Glenn Raven

Early morning breaks light with the nights snow dusting of my mind
Walking from my alley leaving the first foot prints in a new path
Distant pathways come to meet in the center, a clearing covered by fresh snow that has lined
Lined the ground, shrubs, trees, and mounds with innocence awaiting the wrath
Wrath that is to be battles fought, lost and won


This is where I come from


From above a Raven circles me, taunts me, gawks at me
Distracting as I stumble over trouble and struggle with rumbles
The Raven lands upon my shoulder tapping on me, I ask him to show me
Peering at me with a gaze simply fearsome


This is where I come from


The chilled air taunted by the warmth of my breath as the blue kisses my cheek
I break the cover of my alleyway and step erect into the clearing
Grey tone vision my eyes entrust in what little sight I peek
A few more steps to my surprise I find snow gets dirty, fearing
Fearing my life to begin


This is where I have been


Walking forward while remembering back of those first steps
Looked down upon, spoken and frowned upon
Lessons learned of love while my guard rests
Looking for that special someone to lean on
Lean on a shoulder in sin


This is where I have been


Strangers emerge and friends are lost while family grows
My hearts walls are built and protected strong, everlasting
So I choose to walk alone over and around dirty snow
But only love breaks hearts, this I am mastering
Mastering patience as the Raven taps


This is where I am at


Dirty snow even so the Raven will not go
I step for thee so he can see my feet for me
My path for me he wraps for me to guide as he rides and my heart slows
Cautious as I be, it is me the Raven taps


This is where I am at


 Showing me and pulling me to the light that is to glow
Waiting for a smile, a laugh, no more denial
To pass the dirty snow, the battles, only one place to go
Going to clean fresh snow where my heart can grow


This is where I want to go


To slumber and protect her and the Raven he will part
Tapping from the Raven I shalt not feel
As one her and I can make a start
Starting new light to shine so bright so that I may show


This is where I will go.


Fractured is this to me.

 Two halves erupt with exponential disputes of wants versus need 
like god versus science. 

 Sixth sense split seeking sight 
like a caterpillar spinning it's cocoon in September. 

 Balancing on my wall tipped either way by vertigo. 
This is Fractured to me.

Forged Wit

Rests on my sharpened tongue begging to strike
 Slashes their minds throat drowning their hearts cries
 Thrusts into the sheep's sub-conscious night

 A pen writing a declaration of war
 A gavel sealing their fate stamped in their blood
 A wrist watch frozen in 1945
 Fate is not reality

Foggy Dew

I walk through my mind wandering blindly about
Fog consuming a plethora of thoughts of sin

Repetitive pixels bitten by mosquitoes
Draining comprehension and dreams

Mouth defecating nonsense while brain compacting self recompense 
Blood flows slow, heart beats lesser, and breath detours life sneaking conversation with sleep 

Flirtatious notions of freedom and light i would be able to see again 
No more randomness, confusion, worries and fractures put on others 

Then i awake to my own darkness of the day.


This is my Earwig

I wonder if she wonders if I wonder
Do I pain her as much as she pains me?
Does she wake up wanting to silence me.
Does she fall asleep thankful I am no longer there.

I wander in my mind as I walk in my sleep.
I look for the unseen as its untold.

A bear in his den until Spring.
A Butterfly waiting to cause an effect.
A poet writing an end. 
An end writing the poet.

I wander into my sleep.
 I awake in to the untold.

My visions my thoughts.
My dreams my memories.
Its meal, its feast.
It feasts on my mind.

My Earwig.


Waking up I am saturated with life
Wash me away like mouthwash killing bacteria and spat onto where my sidewalk ends.
Dry up and flake away 

Like a drop of blood spilled red under Ra who stares down intently.
Like 100 units of Novolog injected into the   fatty tissue flowing throughout subcutaneously.
Like our economy spent by our government on button pushers heading down on the elevator with no lobby frivolously.

Great empire walls long lost to time and tourists begging for one last snapshot.
Culturally shocked in awe slaps our jaw spitting awe shocking cultures.
Crucified by tagged labels held together with palms of bandages and fingers of sutures.
Uprisings waiting for the next downfall until I collapse.
Struggle til I burn out.
Til my light goes out.
Til my back gives out.
Stumble til I can walk straight.
Mumble til I can talk straight.
Fumble til you can take.
An unbalanced B flat jumping through me parting particles in a symphony orchestrated by hope.

Conditionally unconditional.
Desperately impatient.
Dissonance dissolving.


Hindering, Haunting


Unbecoming, Killing, Unwilling


Hell, Darkness - Clipped wings, Bandaged eyes

Protecting, Killing, Watching

Fallen, Restless


Death of Death

Because he torments me. 
Because she manipulates me.
Because he steals family.
Because she takes friends.
Because they lie.
I killed death.