Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Split Mirror

Silence sleeping next to me.
Laying as two and the Raven flies dividing them.
Bounding chains chiming in the wind
Plotted predetermined walls splitting Forrest.
A jest to only be told to the future as a lost dream.
A dream possible yet an impossibility confined to a dream.
A legacy evolving from a realized fate. 
A destiny already spoken but unheard and unseen.
Blind until time has told the story that was to be unfolded.
Written as riddles, bold in code
like an emphatic child
like a reservoir spilling into its reserve
like a Raven soaked in oil
Because it believed and dreamed
Because it absorbed and refrained
Because it smiled over tears
Secretly reflecting while it is deflecting
Deflecting what it wants to see
Reflecting how it shall never be.
A dream oft silenced on a pillow shared.
So easy breath forgotten, so easy hunger misplaced.
Contextual emotions greyed by defined lines at our feet.
Walking through between the shadows casted at my feet
A glimpse of now and then, now and never when.
Oil binding  feathers of flight saturated in fear.
F*?*ear to what is to become
Fear what is to lived.

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