Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Darragh's Trust

Rests impaled on the pikes of the heart thieves.
Walks from beside myself to greet my soul.
Lays at your feet trusting gentle foot fall.
A cheap oriental rug bare to dirty feet.
Scorned raven feathers plucked for nests of doves.
A wounded heart with a dagger stuck in it's back.
Preaching hypocritical words of wisdom.
Melding mind and heart as one. Envisioned.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Time Spent

Filtered, Inhale
Calming, Lung filling, Killing
Time passing social relation

Friday, October 22, 2010



It Lay there
On a bed of smoldering straw and raven feathers.
Wandering from page to page forgetting and forgiving my rage.
Destroyed walls rebuilt time and time again. Reforming trust and love.
Evolving, resolving pain.
Love found through still frames unseen by my eyes, grasped by my heart.


Cleanses my pain.
Clears clouded mind storms.
Saturates tired and dried skin of leather.
My relief overwhelming worries.
My thoughts reborn.
My heart washed from my darkness.
The emotional torment.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Eyes

Truth, Vision
Seeing, Knowing, Looking
Ears, Hands - Photograph, Negative
Dimming, Confusing, Creating
Black, Lost
Dark room

Saturday, October 09, 2010

The DuPont Collection 05

I wish
DuPont may live forever with me. 
Lasting memories of connection never to be broken.
And I would honor his loyalty.
I would beg for a peaceful departure.
So I may trust and love the next equally.
Because he trusted me, because he stands by my side.
He is always there nonjudgmental, unbiased and unconditionally.

The DuPont Collection 04

Guiding angel
  Walks beside me avoiding danger unseen by my eyes.
  Lays on the cold tile sucking the days heat from his wolf coat.
  Sleeps at my feet keeping the strangers of the night at bay.
  a gentle giant trapped in a Childs mind beyond it's time. 
  the heavens aging in grace. 
  an angel glowing in it's presence.
  Our final destination to me.

The DuPont Collection 03


He Sat there
Unconditionally at my side awaiting work at a moments notice.
Black and tan, tall and lean, descended from wolves.
Gnaws on femurs of cattle to expend the stresses of the day.
His beauty snapping necks of rubber necker's passing by deciding a safe path to walk.
His villainous facial markings disguise the affection of me from the fake.

The Dupont Collection 02

Because he smelled intent.
Because he heard hesitation.
Because my conscious grew aware.
Because my heart raced.
Because we calmly waited for attempts of harm.
Known as Backup to the betrayers, heeled at my side thwarted thoughts of evil.

The DuPont Collection 01

Fearless , Loyal
Loving, Supporting, Intriguing
Seeing my way safe.

Monday, October 04, 2010


  Constructs love, emotionally.
  Destructs love, constantly.
  Pretends love initially.
  Forever like a soul mate.
  Forever like a true love
  Forever like a meaning.
  Forward carrying with it the aging of two.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Love Wish

I wish
My true love would find me.
So that I may no longer feel pain and loneliness.
And I would open my heart to her.
Giving truth for truth.
So that I may write the pages of life with joy.
To be happy, to be loved.
To be able to love again.

The Cricket

The Cricket
  Plays his midnight tune under it's stars
  Dreams that he were laying in his loves arms
  Takes a break to feed on the grasses blades
  A first chair violinist playing a concerto
  A daydream of walking on springs new greenery
  A delicate heart easily broken
  With synchronicity and love


Because it trusted.
Because it velieved.
Because it loved.
Because it feared.
Because it cried.
Losing my hearts ear.

My Leaf

The leaf
Plays with air like the dancer and her partner.
Runs along the grass to a dream to be.
Stops to lay rest on a bed of branches.
Like my eyes blindly traveling in the wind.
Like my toes springing from puddle to puddle.
Like my heart skipping over cracks in the dehydrated ground.
Amongst the singing birds slightly hinting love.