Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Fall of Love

The smile fades as your heart pumps the happiness out hard.
The pulsing spreads from your chest outward. Infecting your throat and stomach.
Buckling knees and swirling heads paves a path of vertigo unsympathetic.
You reach out to friends and family like a passenger on a sinking ship reaches for a life vest that has already been torn to shreds not replaced because you thought you would never be in this position again.
Life sustaining and life detaining, the water so dark covers you. Chilling and real it sets in that there is no one but yourself to save you.
And your legs grow weak, your arms tire, and your mind fogs. Numbing to the eventuality of the inevitable reality that once the darkness consumes all the light, your spark is lost forever.
To fall is easy. To raise up is what’s to be cherished and praised.
To overcome, come from behind, the underdog all speak to the truth.
The truth that there will always be the darkness trying to beat us and keep us down. Infesting us or our loved ones infecting them with their hatred for love only to sabotage what we built.

It’s so easy to fall.