Monday, December 10, 2012


Fingers stained with tainted blood poisoned buy dirty money

Hearts ripped out buy razors lashed from steel whips,
woven with wine and whiskey laced with skins of rats

Stomachs drawn through the navels of insanity
Leaching toxic words undigested by nubby soft incisors 

Bleeding gums ingested to coat the throat for the tongue to follow down

A downward spiral into the depths of an empty stomach

Organ donor card simply reads yes please
Prosthetic legs replace phantom pains from fire
Melting flesh, burning hair unable to curb the chill air that shoots ice subcutaneously into the soul

Glass egg shells tearing feet ceasing ambulatory progress
Infinite forks lay in the road speared with brain matter of sheep

Topless three armed unix enslaved drooling acid
Lipless toothless decayed walking matter
Praying for death their only real hope

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