Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Blind Mind 03

Dances tango with a crooked mind
Taunts sleeps cousin
Balks in emotional construction
Google searching for the best results
A fiddle playing a tune of infinite possibilities
A Sunday paper left to the rain blending stories on the driveway
Logic as it is fed.

A Blind Mind 02

It Hung there
Suffocated by rope from wool of the sheep
Catering impulses to limbs outstretched
Swims in blood sent against gravitys wishes
Tethered to earliest life instinct
The only thing to frighten everything.

A Blind Mind 01

Unbecoming, Unforgiving

Following, Misinforming , Draining

Non-mattering mushy matter


Friday, June 24, 2011

Blind Sight

Don't ask me what i think you look like.
Don't wonder what it must be like.

Every shape has a sound, smell, feel, ora. 
You look at me and see a male, average height, you smell my scent attributing to hygiene, and you hear my voice which lacks tact.
When i see you, i see voice. i smell your hatred, fear, jealousy, love, sincerity, and your future. 
I smell the grotesque, the true beauty which needs a paper bag to cover up reality. 
Your reality that no one is interested in. 
I smell the spit you spat in the faces of the unknowing whom needs sanctity in a boarded up 5 sided holy house themselves. 

Don't ask me what i think you look like.
Don't wonder what it must be like

What i see are things you are not ready for. 
Colors that manifest nightmares. 
Crawling out from under a floating bed on broken ground. 
Since i don't sleep on the floor. 
My touch gives me hope, gives me joy, it gives me darkness and pain. 
Dreams and tears. 
I walk on and in shadows daily. 
My shadow doesn't even know me. 

Don't ask me what i think you look like
Don't wonder what it must be like

The permanent burned image that runs from my sight whenever i look at it, taunting me. 
Smiles and wags its tail.
My left eye can't catch it though.
Futuristic colors of green, purple, and blue, morph and spiral constantly like the unborn childs dream. 
Northern lights show of the same that only show themselves when my mind needs them. 
Sleep? i am sleeping all the time. 
Somebody unplug this experiment so i can wake up.

Don't ask me what i think you look like
Don't wonder what it must be like

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bruised Time

Because of shared pains
Because they built frames
Because she cried for reverting
Because held his heart converting
Because he knew he could lose 
Time was bruised. 

Sunday, June 05, 2011


Bliss is this to me.
 Steam setting softness, mystical memories melding
 An orchestra glances notes of love
 All worrisome infections healed from harmony
This is Bliss to me.

Thursday, June 02, 2011


She enter's the park on a day that seems dark
With a basket of thoughts and a blanket thats sought.
She nestles down atop the green haven.
Circling in her mind liken to the Raven.
Slender sips of splendor on her lips
A smile wide as a mile but hidden all the while
She's searching for vision, listening for reason.
The Raven listens, Patient through the season.
Feeling connected through buttery Cabernet.