Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The Day The Rain Stopped

Standing amongst the confounded rain drops of thoughts
I stood soaking praying for it to stop in the parking lot

Oft times my thoughts would melt my brain  so I'm drained 
So I would  sit for days to write with no light

Written stories and novels of one lines
Something to cause the pain to topple within time

At some point this rain, this pain has to stop
At some point this rain, this cut will clot

And then she appears, she steers through her fears
And the clouds leers, peers into my tears

A shadowed rainbow pierces through the rain
Standing before me she pushes aside my pain

An umbrella protecting me with just a smile
A heart worth waiting for through the denial

I feel like a hummingbird dancing tween the drops of rain

Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Hearts Rainbow

Twas night and dark, darker than most nights
And something was wrapping at my hearts door.

I open my door but nothing is there so I close it again.

An orchestra of crickets and frogs play the Moonlight Sonata 
As I drift away from myself I hear the wrapping again

I open my door but nothing is there so I close it again.

I fall back into unison with my personal orchestra 
And feel as if someone is there listening with me

I open my eyes to a lost paradise which is seen only in my dreams
And the soft wrapping at my hearts door resumes

I slowly open the door as a brilliant light creeps in 
The door cannot stop this beautiful light, a cotton candy colored rainbow bursts in

My heart is flooded with a new feeling that is pure, replenishing my heart
From fears and pains past that with this moment drain away as I remain to stay

She brushes my shoulder with that intent gesture
A soft kiss memory like the orchestras melody.