Thursday, June 22, 2017

Her Journey

A the rails to a far away land
She sits alone awaiting her flight
Flight from servitude, flight from the roller coaster.
Over vast expanse of water cleansing her heart.
Her mind ponders the depths of the sea and the limitless ceiling of the sky.
Will he keep the two pressures from crushing her?
Will he allow an exchange of heart, an exchange of love.
An unknown existence yet experienced for either of them.
The new land slowly approaches under her feet unsure whether or not to touch down on uncharted territory.
His arms and heart are open but will she embrace him.
He comes closer as she readies to land and she smiles to him.
Returning her smile he shows his heart without fear, without hesitation.
Will she jump into his arms forever leaving behind someone who was never.
Time stops as they touch and space empty’s of apprehension.
A verse they both share in unity, a universe.

The everlasting Dance

As the room spins my mind joins in
As her dress spins and swirls my eyes follow
My heart beats harder than the Bodhran and my stomach flutters faster than the spoons
A delicate jig we dance  as our lungs heave and pant

The room goes dark and everyone disappears except us
Our hands unite and our bodies become one
Slow in step to an ancient Celtic tune
Our hearts beat together in anticipation waiting for the last note of the pipes
An unspoken agreement of love to those of the wiser
A harmonious entangled melody plucked from Diedra’s soul
A tin whistle falls silent as the cages guards step away
They remain as one forever more 

mo ghrá bheith liom

For you I would crawl on broken limbs
Through broken brush and over broken trees
Cross broken bridges and seal up broken dams
Pluck you from the rushing creek of broken dreams
Patch and wrap your delicate broken wings
Carry your broken body up broken cliffs
Mending a broken heart from broken promises
Broken truths, broken love, deliver me this broken dove
From a broken life of a broken reality we mend each others broken insanity
A broken thought sealed with a broken kiss
A broken touch that is no longer missed

A whole heart for a whole soul
and a whole embrace for your whole love
My whole love for a whole embrace
And my whole soul for a whole heart

My whole life and my whole dream
Is as whole as my whole life with you
If whole is as whole can seem
Then it is no wonder I see my dream with you

An instant connection an instant ascension
Instant protection from worldly pretention
Material flesh that begs to rest
From the materials of ungodly tests

Such vows etched into my heart plead mercy with your love


Two immovable objects meet for the first time and cages collide as wits size each other up. Testing the thickness of the prison door bars. 
Contrasting conflicts and concerns dependent on the giving in of the others will and neither gives in.
Rather the cages merge slowly and the bars seamlessly mesh together.
Mind sets thrown back and forth absorbed equally and digested. They both smile secretly at each other wondering who saw it.
A meeting of the minds, two of a kind.
Determinate upon ones willingness to consciously submit without giving in.
Both wonder which will give first, whom will slip first. 
Simultaneous thoughts similar to the instant saturation of an emotion both have searched for but reluctantly gave up so long ago.
A fate that destiny couldn’t even propagate. 
A divine gift gifted to the patiently waited souls that imagine a dream seen since the dawn of time herself.

Sunday, June 18, 2017


three hearts, one of dark and two of light
The two feel right as they drown out the night
The dark night fades as the two hearts unite

A hearts desire and a hearts desire separated only by their internal fire

Floating under the stars on clouds of imagination
Brought together in time like universal creation

No distance is too far for the quantum entanglement of these two stars 

Frozen in time, thawed hearts twine, their oneness shines.


As you check your Instagram, Facebook, twitter, and email 
I’m the one providing reality at retail
If you’re looking for truth, I’ll provide the detail
If you’re looking for fear porn, that’s currently on sale
My words will hook you in like a black Friday sale
So long as you’re looking for me, I will never fail

You sit in front of your computer reading the Daily Mail
And a virus infects your brain like a a malicious chain  email
You s e i z e and c-c-c-convulse into spasms and you fall ROTFLOL
Your vision and bandwidth narrows as the hashtags overwhelm you like a ringing church bell bell bell.

LOL, OMG, BTW… hashtag apathy
Your left brain fights with the right in a battle of self controversy
And God wins out again with a great Divine Comedy
splitting your speech and flooding your world in tragedy

Your heart starts to race, 
your mind is out of place, 
your soul is out of pace, 
as you wipe the sweat from your face.

You frantically and manically think what to do so you press alt control delete
That didn’t work so you repeat, alt control delete alt control delete
Your brain freeeezzzeess and your hard drive stops spinning
Your efforts to comprehend are fruitless and the worm eats away at the c0re.

*user not found/bad sector discovered

Friday, June 16, 2017

What’s Instore

I should feel confused
I should be guarded
I should feel amused
I should be cautious
I should reel back
I should see otherwise


I could feel love
I could be real
I could feel truth
I could be loved
I could feel whole
I could be whole

I am

Whole Nestled
Safe Surrounded Freed
Starry Night Transmuted Light
Diaphanous Spoken Dialectic
Self Aware

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Wondering Thoughts Wandering

As I pronounce words with double meaning I wonder with my wandering thoughts.
Wondering if your back is turned as you lay asleep
Wondering if your last conscious thought was also wandering
Wandering around in my mind do you wonder about the under tones, the underlining unspoken word, the inevitable.
Gazing through my thoughts lost in the foggy dew
Do you do what it is that I do when I am with you
Do you wonder why I waunder when wondering about you
Is my mind like a like minded mind kind of like mine
Would it could it be in time that I find the meaning of the next line
Someone divided, someone united. Someone confounded, someone with saints surrounded.

The thought of freeing my thoughts
A community joining together to send a beached whale back home
A bird Sun gazing before the morning feeding
A tree reoxyginating the air we breathe

I step into the day born smiling once again
Indifferent to the old way scorn from those who pretend
Songs of liberation protected from the world
Delicate touch of silk strong enough to support them

The thought of freed thoughts founded

The Maiden

A light shines bright as the dark settles the night.
She lines the silk robe with a soft touch 
Her mind softens the incredulous and enlightens the ignorant
A smile divided by distance and a tune separated by octaves
A pipeline pumping the life-force of heart capsizing ships lost at sea

Souls washed ashore on an island made of trash. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Attraction

A shadow in the distant horizon comes towards me and I squint to observe.
An orb tinted from the outside world with shaded colors of brilliance.
As this orb gets near I see shapes take form as my eyes adjust to the beauty contained within.
An inner orb of light emerges as the tint fades away
And I peer into the light.
A center orb emits a bright yellow white light that surrounds everything with in until it meets its canopy of shade.
Illuminating all as it touches lives and hearts.
From the center orb are two spiral cones of purple, green, and blue twisting to a single point on either side of the orb vertically.
A thin knowledge of soft gold separates each color like a division of time is softened by memories.
I am lost staring into this awefull beauty that captivates my mind and soul.
Images from the past and future make their quantum leaps from one side of my brain to the other.
Tingles of joy strike my fingertips and toes as I try to comprehend the sight standing before me then I go blind and see her smiling.

Friday, May 05, 2017

The predicament

Raised in a world that knows no boundaries
A world that knows no hate and no love at the same time.
Confounded and constrained, consumed and inflamed.
I adopt an idea, a reason, a belief.

Do no harm
and no harm shall come of thee

I practice it in my actions and my words yet I stumble upon a grey area.
An area that temps logic with heart, love.
Love for all and love for the unnamed, the hidden, the unknown.
A riddle constructed from a rubics cube.

Do no harm
and no harm shall come of thee

They would label it as complex or confusing.
An unexplainable feeling and thought to which the only confusing path is whether or not to take it.
An uncertain certainty, a simply complex concept.
A fearless fear.

Do no harm
and no harm shall come of thee

To resist speaking ones heart and mind for the sake of another
Is to save and protect all others
To be lost in ones mind locking away thoughts and emotions
Is to build your own sanitarium and keep the outside world from such honesty

Do no harm
and no harm shall come of thee

What is honesty anyway.
Who must believe it in order for it to be honest?
Lies frozen in ice thawed in time
For none such spoken shall be revealed 

Do no harm
And vengeful pain shall come of thee


The Unconscious Faith

I can make you weep and I can make you take a leap
I can make you love and I can make you hate
I will make you believe and I made you fear
I am what you read, I am what you need.

You’ve read my pages in vein and still you lost your soul
My words misunderstood with each passing turn of a page
and only complex questions remain.

Hast thou not read your purpose laid before thee?

Only freedom of mind can contain
You strike war against your brothers in rage
You buried alive your fathers love you stole

Art thou repentant?

I fell for you, I sacrificed for you
Like a bell ringing in time, like a mother giving her last life.
You saw not what you need to survive thus your time passes whilst you contrive

Hast thou understood thine?

You think you can force control, you think you are alive
You cause vengeance and anger, you cause jealousy and strife
You rape, you murder, you steal, you lie. What shall I do?

Fear not the furious anger beset onto you for the fear you beset onto others

I can make you weep and I can make you take a leap
I can make you love and I can make you hate
I will make you believe and I made you fear

I am what you read, I am what you need.

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

To MJ because you deserve as much

The Book 

I sit upon these shelves`` dusty and dreary 
Alongside old stories, mysteries, and fables.
I sit amongst these leather bound and paperbacks suffocating
My cover replaced and my spine undamaged but my pages, well my pages tell the tale.

My pages turned roughly a thousand times but a thousand more to come
They lay permanently dog eared and annotated from inspirations sought.
Only to be returned to the shelf below until the next reader comes along thirsting for the distraction, 
distraction from their own misery and haunting demons.

Thirsting for a reason, relation,  an escape.
More footnotes and foot prints left behind wearing me further away as my bones are dissected and analyzed.
Until every paragraph, until every line until every word has been looked at forwards backwards and upside down but the only thing found on their fine tooth comb is the fibers from which there very own pockets have woven.

Then, like so many times before, I'm placed back on the shelves, a little lower and now I sit below the populous, 
below the popular.
Why such fads should take up so much shelf space I dare not ask.
Is it to be my final resting place down here I dare not think.
My cover will grow stale and stick to preface from settling moisture in the air.
My pages will yellow and my bold black print will lose the battle with memories.

Few lookers have passed and paused at me. Fingering through my delicate pages skipping past the artwork looking for what I am not quite sure.
They place me back and dust themselves off then swiftly snatch up a newer bolder kind of love.

Then, just when I thought my placement on this shelf was worth no more than a magazine stand  someone stops at my index number and looks adoringly towards my dusty spine.

She picks me up and gently wipes away the dust and the slight moisture forming at the bottom of my embossed title.
She opens my cover with such delicacy and attention that I relax like never before.
My pages turn with a peaceful breeze singing along with my words.
So she stops herself from reading any further  as not to spoil the adventure , and packs me up carefully. 

When I awake, I find myself as if on display,  on display for the whole world to see.
See my restored pages and touched up ink like the first edition as it reads inside my cover.

She reads me every night and every night she wants the next chapter.
And the next chapter only comes too soon and she wants another, and another.
It would seem that the book she chose grows with her every day and every night.

Stories of adventure, tales of love, and manic mysteries to be solved by her.