Friday, December 07, 2012

Glenn Raven

Early morning breaks light with the nights snow dusting of my mind
Walking from my alley leaving the first foot prints in a new path
Distant pathways come to meet in the center, a clearing covered by fresh snow that has lined
Lined the ground, shrubs, trees, and mounds with innocence awaiting the wrath
Wrath that is to be battles fought, lost and won


This is where I come from


From above a Raven circles me, taunts me, gawks at me
Distracting as I stumble over trouble and struggle with rumbles
The Raven lands upon my shoulder tapping on me, I ask him to show me
Peering at me with a gaze simply fearsome


This is where I come from


The chilled air taunted by the warmth of my breath as the blue kisses my cheek
I break the cover of my alleyway and step erect into the clearing
Grey tone vision my eyes entrust in what little sight I peek
A few more steps to my surprise I find snow gets dirty, fearing
Fearing my life to begin


This is where I have been


Walking forward while remembering back of those first steps
Looked down upon, spoken and frowned upon
Lessons learned of love while my guard rests
Looking for that special someone to lean on
Lean on a shoulder in sin


This is where I have been


Strangers emerge and friends are lost while family grows
My hearts walls are built and protected strong, everlasting
So I choose to walk alone over and around dirty snow
But only love breaks hearts, this I am mastering
Mastering patience as the Raven taps


This is where I am at


Dirty snow even so the Raven will not go
I step for thee so he can see my feet for me
My path for me he wraps for me to guide as he rides and my heart slows
Cautious as I be, it is me the Raven taps


This is where I am at


 Showing me and pulling me to the light that is to glow
Waiting for a smile, a laugh, no more denial
To pass the dirty snow, the battles, only one place to go
Going to clean fresh snow where my heart can grow


This is where I want to go


To slumber and protect her and the Raven he will part
Tapping from the Raven I shalt not feel
As one her and I can make a start
Starting new light to shine so bright so that I may show


This is where I will go.

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