Friday, December 07, 2012


Waking up I am saturated with life
Wash me away like mouthwash killing bacteria and spat onto where my sidewalk ends.
Dry up and flake away 

Like a drop of blood spilled red under Ra who stares down intently.
Like 100 units of Novolog injected into the   fatty tissue flowing throughout subcutaneously.
Like our economy spent by our government on button pushers heading down on the elevator with no lobby frivolously.

Great empire walls long lost to time and tourists begging for one last snapshot.
Culturally shocked in awe slaps our jaw spitting awe shocking cultures.
Crucified by tagged labels held together with palms of bandages and fingers of sutures.
Uprisings waiting for the next downfall until I collapse.
Struggle til I burn out.
Til my light goes out.
Til my back gives out.
Stumble til I can walk straight.
Mumble til I can talk straight.
Fumble til you can take.
An unbalanced B flat jumping through me parting particles in a symphony orchestrated by hope.

Conditionally unconditional.
Desperately impatient.
Dissonance dissolving.

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