Friday, December 07, 2012

Good vs. Evil

I pause briefly in certainty, a realization like when we sit as children under the christmas tree awaiting the opening of presents set down by our loved ones.

Never to be disappointed by the memories to be unwrapped. so you gasp as you tare open the wrapped gift while your heart pauses in excitement.

Good people will gasp every time love strikes us but its the evil people that will disappoint us time and time again. yet we keep opening the packages. 
They will give us just enough to wonder if the next one will be better so we stick around. like caesar giving his people just enough to have to remain under his rule.

Evil will blind us, harm us, and twist our minds into believing what we have is good enough. 
They are so involved in creating the lie that makes them that they self consciously cannot trust themselves which leads to the eventual distrust of us. 

Like the user that will steal from their mother for a fix, a thief posing as security
Like a snake playing dead to catch a meal.
Like water off a ducks back, we let it go hoping that it will get better but our feet under the surface of the water tells a different story. 
To go against every instinct to react, to rebut and fight back only causes inevitable pain. the signs are there if we choose to see them and hopefully detour from the manipulation. 
their evil plans is long term. its just the way they are and how they work. 
My answer is chaos. disrupt their order, their plans by not giving in to their demands.
What we do naturally will instill a fear of uncontrolled power set aside Bit by bit daily by them to break us down over time. 
They may not be to blame specifically but the world has no place for those liars, cheats and thieves.
For every one of them, there are 4 good people and we control who we socialize with.

Some would say, i never saw it coming but if you really look at it you would. that why you always see it after the fact.

I breathe again inn my sudden moment of clarity. 
Like the surreal, technicolored day of an eclipse
Like a polished pearl for the first time things just look better.

Walking is easier
Laughing is greater. 
The pain doesn't hurt as much and my heart slowly refills with the misplaced trust previously rented to evil.
True memories return among shining rays of sun and new rain cleanses the depression that manifested from stagnant infestations of false maternities.

The trees are taller and greener
The stars are bigger and  brighter
Mistaken love becomes forsaken hugs.
People are friendlier and you no longer want to kick the neighbors dog for barking 5 hours straight.
Concerns have become small and goals and dreams are now larger than life itself.
I see now that it is not evil people and good people but evil and good in people and the choice we each make to live with.
I used, harmed, and danced with death and it turns out that it is not worth the pain that follows.

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