Sunday, November 20, 2011

Black Gold.GEA

Black Gold

I awake wandering through my minds horrible corridor reflecting on false tongues.
Traversing down my lobes tangled from scars of misplaced trust.

I claw my way inside and out of sanity, life that which does not suit justice at hells gate where my own joker is my cell mate.

Stumbling blindly over corpses mutilated from ravens and dogs i fumble on my own truth of which words have no place but in a waste bucket of toxic sentiment.

I snake down my camouflaged spine of stone chiseling out memories of pictographs and cracks of pain.

A dark blackened object hides in a cave with no light slowly breathing, beating itself up against time running to an end.
My third eye lights the cave and i see the leaches draining this poor things life right from it with no remorse. 

I can't stand the sight so i edge my way around to the back side of my spine only to see a battlefield.

Knives and axes lodged deep into the stone spine with shattered handles.
Gold ones, silver ones, and pearled ones.
Lusts of life stick out on their opposite end of devotion.
I tried to remove them but it pained my hands to do so. 

I leave the death to rest. 
forever planted. 

I change my path and walk out on the ledges stretching outward from my stone spine and climb upward towards a flat land that is like a plate of armor, tough but giving. 

I walk over faults, craters, and trenches.
Shovels, picks, and buckets lay littered then i notice a glimmer off in the distance. 
I make my way towards the sparkle taking note of the trampled terrain. 

Does no one not care for where they run and play?

I get to about half way in this valley of shambles and stop above the glitter, its gold. unmanipulated, untouched gold.
I bend down to pick it up and as i get closer it brightens a little .
I retract in awe and it dims. 
I bend towards it again and again, it shone bright like golden honey. 
I reach closer and it starts to hum softly. 
I go to pick it up and as soon as i make contact, i…

…Snap back to reality all thanks to gravity
Plucked away from the  tragedy thrown back into sanity
Past proclivities stuck in their insanity
As I walk away from them effortlessly

Disscinigrating swords and dissolving axes
While wounds healing and my heart's taxes
Withheld no more forever more as they are nevermore
She sleeps sound in my arms and the Raven still soars

Freely flying by her side
Tapping wing tips above clouds of lore
Feathers flaunting each other in stride
Wind washing away the acid beneath my skin

Flying above the valley of litter and craters I look down
Deserving souls trying to escape what keeps them down
The screams and cries that use to be my sound
Is now stuck in the minds of the confound

She pulled me up when she came to me
As my soul of sight lay near death
He looked up at her with concern for me
He knew with her now here he could heal in rest

I cried for his pain while for mine she did the same
Another page turned, another page stained
The Fool and the World's hearts now lay as one 
Two of a kind like the two of wands

Friday, September 09, 2011

Protecting Her

Care Bear

It Lay there
In her arm secure from concern
Keeping the demons at bay, teaching the Raven her way.
Embracing her delicate dreams.
Illuminating the Raven with it's velvet hearts rainbow light.
It wonders where the Raven is going protecting her precious slumber.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Walking through my mind my thoughts are stalked by her silence. I hear not the smile stringing my heart.
Drawn to her hidden voice but my arms cannot reach her ghostly notes.
Her hands memory on my shoulder out weighs the world on the other.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Lesson

The Lesson
Darragh The Poet

Now that wasn't all that hard, was it?
Now if she just knew the half of it.

Awaken by a wrapping at my door 
Taken from me this day the norm
Stumbling  I trail along the walls  to the door
Eyes plundered from sight months before

Greetings from a teacher, from a friend, greetings from a Godsend.
Reluctance from a student, from a cripple, irritant I can't mend.
Hands shaken and accolades shared
but its for this day I am unprepared

Elbow in my hand she guides me to my chair [.]
As I trace her arm down to where my back rests fair
She tells me of my new life to come and how it shall be
But right now I can't see anything so what's the point for me

Venturing to the car as sounds creep in I hear the days battles 
What awaits for me out there but chatters
My small view on a world so expansive 
No conformation of the steps ahead of me

Sitting in her car as we travel into the depths of hell as my head begins to swirl
The window lowered while my subconscious unknowingly absorbs the speaking world
Approaching our destination from circles traveled and many stops passed
Finally coming to rest in a place no more familiar than the memories to come ever-last

I step out from the car into this new jungle, this new planet
Unfold my cane using two tap skim to fan it
Back and fourth in step to find my shoreline
Barking dogs, speeding cars, footfall of people are combined

I pause to listen to the world speak to me
As I hear a new way that is to be me
Wall of cars in the street stampeding by on the road like a herd of wild beasts 
Crossing signals chirp-ping high above on light poles like birds in the amazon singing in rain forrest trees from above.

She stands beside me and says this to me
Now that wasn't all that bad, was it?

I begin my trek through this jungle amongst the trees and wild beasts
Carving pathways and ruts to follow a path unseen
Tromping herds to my left and mountain sides on my right
And it is my dime tip telling me where to go

Pedestrians walking by in line in pace with life 
like soldiers marching to the neighboring kingdom on looking to us as though we were an oddity not to speak as to give away our obvious blindness and disability.
Rather a commodity and a new ability

Tapping sounds off sides of objects
Echoing down tunnels and off deadly cliff edges
Wind gusts breaking through openings and shadow sounds hiding in the dark
Marching soldiers gawking in awe as I alone conquer a new kingdom

An internal uprising to rebel against vision
My ears lead my feet as my cane makes  the split decision
A root exposed in the pathway and my feet graze over
Curb edges keep me in line as I carve my own path

Parking meters say hi as I pass and light poles hum their tunes
I come to the curb-cut and its domed dots of declaration
Wind of cars in stride intersected by crossing sounds of vehicles
I did it, I made it one city block I finally proclaimed this.

Now that wasn't all that hard, was it?
Now if she just knew the half of it.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Darragh Invades Irish Radio wanes

Hey readers,
Just wanted to share this interview I had Saturday morning for my poetry. Take a listen.
You can now download an mp3 of yesterday's interview from the following link.

The interview runs to a little over 7 minutes.

Many thanks again.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Blind Mind 03

Dances tango with a crooked mind
Taunts sleeps cousin
Balks in emotional construction
Google searching for the best results
A fiddle playing a tune of infinite possibilities
A Sunday paper left to the rain blending stories on the driveway
Logic as it is fed.

A Blind Mind 02

It Hung there
Suffocated by rope from wool of the sheep
Catering impulses to limbs outstretched
Swims in blood sent against gravitys wishes
Tethered to earliest life instinct
The only thing to frighten everything.

A Blind Mind 01

Unbecoming, Unforgiving

Following, Misinforming , Draining

Non-mattering mushy matter


Friday, June 24, 2011

Blind Sight

Don't ask me what i think you look like.
Don't wonder what it must be like.

Every shape has a sound, smell, feel, ora. 
You look at me and see a male, average height, you smell my scent attributing to hygiene, and you hear my voice which lacks tact.
When i see you, i see voice. i smell your hatred, fear, jealousy, love, sincerity, and your future. 
I smell the grotesque, the true beauty which needs a paper bag to cover up reality. 
Your reality that no one is interested in. 
I smell the spit you spat in the faces of the unknowing whom needs sanctity in a boarded up 5 sided holy house themselves. 

Don't ask me what i think you look like.
Don't wonder what it must be like

What i see are things you are not ready for. 
Colors that manifest nightmares. 
Crawling out from under a floating bed on broken ground. 
Since i don't sleep on the floor. 
My touch gives me hope, gives me joy, it gives me darkness and pain. 
Dreams and tears. 
I walk on and in shadows daily. 
My shadow doesn't even know me. 

Don't ask me what i think you look like
Don't wonder what it must be like

The permanent burned image that runs from my sight whenever i look at it, taunting me. 
Smiles and wags its tail.
My left eye can't catch it though.
Futuristic colors of green, purple, and blue, morph and spiral constantly like the unborn childs dream. 
Northern lights show of the same that only show themselves when my mind needs them. 
Sleep? i am sleeping all the time. 
Somebody unplug this experiment so i can wake up.

Don't ask me what i think you look like
Don't wonder what it must be like

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bruised Time

Because of shared pains
Because they built frames
Because she cried for reverting
Because held his heart converting
Because he knew he could lose 
Time was bruised. 

Sunday, June 05, 2011


Bliss is this to me.
 Steam setting softness, mystical memories melding
 An orchestra glances notes of love
 All worrisome infections healed from harmony
This is Bliss to me.

Thursday, June 02, 2011


She enter's the park on a day that seems dark
With a basket of thoughts and a blanket thats sought.
She nestles down atop the green haven.
Circling in her mind liken to the Raven.
Slender sips of splendor on her lips
A smile wide as a mile but hidden all the while
She's searching for vision, listening for reason.
The Raven listens, Patient through the season.
Feeling connected through buttery Cabernet.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Window Pain

Window Pain

A drizzling rain masks my cheek covered tears of pain.
This pain looks out on myself through cracked window panes.
Blame grew fast never missed, how did it ever come to this, its so insane.
I want to tear down this house but where do I start.
I pick up the brick that ripped my life apart
Throw it at the house at the window the window falls apart.

Shattering my own vision of my past self where's the beauty now 
Tattering skin with ink of memories, who's gunna hold your hand now?
In front of an unconditionally conditioned house.
This emotionally broken home, this mental home I grew up in alone.
No salvation I could see in the foundation that I saw
Teetering on life waiting to jump off

Broken doors broken windows broken floors
Falling down broken stairs she said she'd be there for
Through a broken door she said she'd push me through
But its my own two feet I stand on
Can anyone see what it is I need to lean on
They said they'd never leave me  they said they'd never run away
So use to it now its me that's afraid to stay.

But its ok now I'm moving on now
Gotta open my heart to whoever she may be 

Walk down the driveway all by my lonesome 
tryin to leave behind this broken home
I look up from the driveway and see the rainbow
Am I the pot of gold at her feet that melts this snow
A large coffee four splenda to go
Or perhaps a chocolate latte as she fights for me I know
A complex hug from the gateway of Yosemite that's so far away

Rain soaked clothes its hard to hold my head up
Looking at myself leaving through a stained peep hole
Gotta dry myself off because this rain is taking a toll
Sometimes my own shoes are too big to fill 
how could I ever live up to this role.

I look back at the broken window glass looking at my own ass 
I wonder how did I ever make it how did I ever last
But I look back now at myself looking forward in time 
I know I'll be doing just fine
She reads into me wants to be with me but it all frightens me
I stay awake I play it ok so I start to run away

Retreat in my mind only to defeat
Release of my mind that I tend to repeat
In a set of arms there for me not to harm
So tortured and tormented I gotta stay armed
Forces stand by my side as I try to keep in stride
In a world so cold so alone only my heart will know
To another place a darker side I seem to go

Monday, May 09, 2011

The Ballerina

I've been waiting for one year to release this one...

When will I awake when will I begin to see
The pain that she speaks the pain that I see is the pain she besets on me

When will I awake when will I begin to see
The pain that she speaks the pain that I see is the pain she besets on me

Wooden footsteps echoing through a haunted hallway
Make my way all the way to the top of the rickety stairway.
In my minds attic it begs me to stay
I open the door and push the junk out from of my way
And make my way to the toy chest in the room just about mid way
I step a little closer and see some dresses hanging from the arch way
I look out the window but the window is covered by blood spray
In it are finger prints of a smeared happy face

When will I awake when will I begin to see
The pain that she speaks the pain that I see is the pain she besets on me

When will I awake when will I begin to see
The pain that she speaks the pain that I see is the pain she besets on me

I hear a melody silenced from with in the toy chest
It was jealousy that led them to their final rest
I kneel down in front of the chest looking for the singing present but its locked
I reach for it and it opens just from my presence and I balk
I stare and I gaze I am so happy
All the pain she caused deep down inside of me
Saving the memories for all eternity
A reminder of what used to be trapped in me

When will I awake when will I begin to see
The pain that she speaks the pain that I see is the pain she besets on me

When will I awake when will I begin to see
The pain that she speaks the pain that I see is the pain she besets on me

Mutilated body parts as the raven taps me
He looks down as I look down somethings gurgling in my tummy
I'm salivating hyperventilating I must be getting hungry
Like a needle in the vein it really stung me
But the tune is still playing  I need to stay focused
Oh I remember her she begged to be choked quick
I push her parts aside digging through the dried blood
That one is bloated must have been the one that died in the flood

When will I awake when will I begin to see
The pain that she speaks the pain that I see is the pain she besets on me

When will I awake when will I begin to see
The pain that she speaks the pain that I see is the pain she besets on me

Body parts falling out on the floor later I will have to clean and scrub
Maybe I'll just take a bath with them in my grandmothers cast iron tub
Hair follicles and nail particles that would make for a good bar be Que. rub
I continue sifting through looking for the music
There it is right on top the chainsaw when did I last use it?
I think I'll start it up carve another one up or maybe just set it aside and polish it
The small ballerina dances in circles little does she know
That soon I will bite her head off just as soon as I finish this flow

When will I awake when will I begin to see
The pain that she speaks the pain that I see is the pain she besets on me

When will I awake when will I begin to see
The pain that she speaks the pain that I see is the pain she besets on me

I get undressed and spin circles with her close to my heart
We are laughing we are dancing  soon her head will part
I love dancing with my ballerina by ourselves in the dark
But it will be light soon and my day I will have to start
So I close her lid again and cover her back up in the toy box
Put the body parts back in so they don't get dirty from the dirt and rocks
I get dressed with everything including the sweater 
That I made from their hair it makes me feel better

When will I awake when will I begin to see
The pain that she speaks the pain that I see is the pain she besets on me

When will I awake when will I begin to see
The pain that she speaks the pain that I see is the pain she besets on me

I close the door behind me and walk back down the stairway
I brush my teeth I comb my hair I no longer look scary
I walk out my house the neighbors they all are staring 
I get in my car I don't get far there's a cop siren blaring
I turn off the keys they approach me and say please step out the ford fair-lane
They pulling me they tugging me by my collar
Little do they know that they have just pulled the hair of my victims
Careful officers I hand made this sweater with my bare hands
Right after I chopped off their fair hands
And it all starts again I hear the music and get hungry again
I wake up and then wonder when will I be able to dance again

When will I awake when will I begin to see
The pain that she speaks the pain that I see is the pain she besets on me

When will I awake when will I begin to see
The pain that she speaks the pain that I see is the pain she besets on me

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Waking up I am saturated with too much

Wash me away like mouthwash killing bacteria and spat onto where my sidewalk ends.
Dry up and flake away 
Like a drop of blood spilled red under Ra who stares down intently.
Like 100 units of Novolog injected into the   fatty tissue flowing throughout sub-cuteneously.
Like our economy spent by our government on button pushers heading down on the elevator with no lobby frivelously.

Great empire walls long lost to time and tourists begging for one last snapshot.
Culturally shocked in awe slaps our jaw spitting awe shocking cultures.
Crucified by tagged labels held together with palms of bandages and fingers of sutures.
Uprisings waiting for the next downfall until I collapse.
Struggle til I burn out.
Til my light goes out.
Til my back gives out.
Stumble til I can walk straight.
Mumble til I can talk straight.
Fumble til you can take.
An unbalanced B flat jumping through me parting particles in a symphony orchestrated by hope.
Conditionally unconditional.
Desperately impatient.
Dissonence dissolving.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dark Dove

The shadow covers her
Like the hallow that follows her
Quiet and mysterious
Fire it and hysterious
My mind entwines 
My heart entwinds 
Plethora of darkness
My spark she will light this
Tap onto me this dark dove she may be
Thoughts on the  cusp of thin lined trust
A curiosity seemed to be a must
Rusty aged blades fades age musky
Lay down as one in time in no time

Friday, February 18, 2011

Seven Stages

Stolen from a friend she ran to me
I saw not the pain that  she had hid
Her smiles allowed her to flee free
Her life with the devil she would bid.

Twisted into a darkness spiraled down
Her pain deep inside placed by a man's touch
She chose to drain and the pain she would drown
She ran from me and Death absorbed  her crutch

A stage is set, a play is lost
My life I'll bet, will exceed cost

An encounter with roasted coffee in the air
Anticipating her first words and her first look
Her frame as lovely as her hair so fair
Complimenting my mind, her hand I took

A lifetime oh so hastily woven
Her love was unseen yet I stood with faith
A shadow came and her heart was stolen
A Raven hones in and feeds from the wraith

Stage lights dim on the play so worn
Curtains drawn on a heart so torn

In a gathering she watched from afar
Her eyes never left me, not for one moment
A recovering heart still in my jar
Secret nightly meetings to me she had chosen

Top of my class with DuPont on our own
Sparse visits would have to suffice for now
She would entice me not to be alone
The day came she left me in a strange town 

I step back from the stages edge, the lights fading out
The raven peers from the ledge,he whispers time is running out

I heard her mystical voice  through the wind
Something grabs hold of me, whats my intention
Frozen frames of bliss with the time we spend
From my heart she was in my dimension

With her lover secret to me  I sit and share
Her confused life locked away from the world to see
Pints and lusts of the same love from which we both bare
A friendship and a love swiftly taken from me

He grows tawny and wise of my heart
He says, from this stage soon you will part

She said I intrigued her, she said I entrapped her
Our two hearts did spark from the depths of darkness
She would mislead me, my heart perhaps she would stir
With this ring I promised my love to be priceless

SO suddenly her heart had grown cold and distant
He warned me but I wished it true this time around
He whispered don't worry, her love you wont miss it
Under her wing was another, I lost my ground

This stage grows so cold I look down in my hands to see what I hold
I stare at my lifeless heart, he was right this stage I soon will part

He weaves me black and binds with locks and chains my wrists
She has similar torments that taunts my tension
She guides my touch to her ribbons of pain that joy twists
A false  promise forever with no abstention

A brief time spent insane of bliss in pain
Nights as one in each others arms we lay
As like the days light darkened by the rain
It is not my cloud with which she will stay

This rain soaked stage warps and bends, he swoops down upon my shoulder he lands
O raven come to me and mend, with talons tight he clamps and my mind he commands

Landing in a land of logistics and legislation
Creeping across the lawn she takes a snapshot of me
Individualism would be  her proclamation
My heart, would be on guard immediately

Hidden truth of her from me and of me from her
A beginning, an ending with no ending in sight
Until it was  too late of another was with her
A lie grown but its my heart I still hold tight

The stage has dried, Battles been fought, the crowd has cried
The stage is set, who would have thought, who would have bet?

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

One in the same

Translucent Profound
Revealing Crippling Releasing
Shoulder Fears - Heart Unity
Conceiving Intriguing Everlasting
Joyful Pearly

Monday, January 03, 2011


Helplessness is this to me.

Contemplating consumption of my manipulating presumption

A spec within awaiting pain to begin

The color of eyes, the color of hair give to me what's not fair

This is Helplessness to me.