Monday, December 10, 2012

The Punisher

Frustration and anger comes on thyself.
Spoon fed twisted tongues of fate.
Promises of forever and happiness to only rest once in each other.
Arms with empty truths, eyes full with spears.
Betrayed and broken from a daemon within once again.
Dreaming of a love that which shall not lie to this broken forsaken heart.
Scarred and tattered, bruised and numb.
The pain becomes tolerable.
A normal occurrence, a normal feeling never to change until the truth of one would free me from these chains.
Locked in an inevitable lust, impossible dream of love.
Smiles camouflaging tears with a raven on my shoulder.
Whispering never more while feasting on the bloody remains of a still beating canceress mass blackened by them. 
They feel themselves, they feel not me and no nay never could feel me.
A daily flight from shoulder to my bottomless stomach to feed and protect its claim behind walls of stone and iron.
Gates locked from the outside and keys laying in the moats surrounding me.
Water of fire, hail of blood, burning up hopes and dreams fading from tablets Etched with broken finger nails and teeth.

No need for sight so the raven gorges on my eyes.
No need to journey so he boils my feet.
No need for holding another so he splurges on my hands.

Leaving my ears as to hear my own cries of pain and loss running to nowhere for comfort 

Theoretically irrelevant.

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