Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Retreat

An intention spoken yet not heard from behind the pain of a vail of stone.
An intuition that saw the future before it was expressed and a heart boarded up.
Protected from any further humiliation, hurt, hatred.
My aura metaphysically transmutes into the densest matter as my edges darken.
A shadow casted from a ghost in a shell 
Only to realize it is all self created, self proclaimed, and self destructing.
A vision seen in an imagination responsible for it’s creation waiting to be experienced.
Waiting for just the right justification, the right moment and yet the right moment was not understood.
I want to retreat into my castle but I find myself already there and have been all this time.

Like the dreams dreamt they disappear as quickly as I awake from them.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

A Dream With Divinity

Aligning my crystals specifically in their place around me and my two smokey quartz under my pillow in its case I hear the Vedic healing mantra playing in the background and already I feel a certain level of lightness to my body.
I prepare myself for Kryiia with the breathing sessions opening my lungs fully and the Bastrika breathing.
I lay down on my bed with my hands at my side facing upward so as not to be interfered with any metal in my mattress and I begin my Kryiia.
Soooo… hummmm… sooooo… hummm… repeating 40 times in the slow stage then moving on to the medium speed at 20 times then the fast speed at 20 times. I repeat this cadence 3 times or at least I think I did. At some point everything fell away from my body. Everything material on this plane. I could still hear Ila breathing and the fan spinning around and around as well as the night creatures outside my window in the creek. I felt with it all and it all was with me then I was shot out and before I realized it happened, I was standing at the coast. Somewhere in the North coast or lost coast areas. Tall grass about knee high surrounded the narrow footpath of Earth beneath my feet. A path obviously traveled for centuries by hundreds of thousands of people. I knew them all and they all greeted me in their own time.
A gentle breeze tickled the tall grass as they danced with each other in the early morning hours playing with the scent of the ocean tide bringing in the daily life.
It was light out but just before the Sun rose becoming visible for the Gazing rituals of the natural, nature, life.
Then, I turned and you were there by my side with your hand held out asking for mine in silence.
I need not the Sun to gaze into for the light shining from you was everything and nothing all at once. Your hair was gold and your eyes sparkled from your own reflection of light. It was the most beautiful sight to bestow on any living creature let alone a mere human. At first I felt insignificant standing before you but you took my hand and nothing else mattered. Not my apprehension, anxiety, not my worries. Just my heart remained with you and in your hands. We walked side by side on the footpath of wisdom towards a small log cabin at the top of a berm overlooking the ocean. Several trees surrounded the cabin in a crescent shape. 13 trees in all I believe and the opening of the crescent shape faced due west. The cabin nestled in the center of the trees and the branches of one tree held hands with the tree next to it covering the cabin and the entirety of the sacred circle area.
The footpath twisted its way up the slight incline up the small hill leading right to a stone walkway up to the cabin. Each stone seemed to be placed just for our feet during each step. 
I looked up to the cabin and a tall stone chimney stretched upwards with an uncongested smoke signal sneaking out of it’s tip top.A light glow emitted from the two windows in the front on either side of the opened door and an easy red orange glow came from within.
The more I thought of how lovely the sight was, the longer it seemed the stone path was getting and the instant I knew I thought this, you were in my arms and I was carrying you through the doorway.
All awareness came to only the cabin and you and I right then. A low burning fire greeted us with a Raven and Dove resting on it’s mantle. The Raven looked up at me and smiled and I turned my head to look at you and you nosed my cheek playfully. 
There were two other windows on either side of us and two more on either side of the fireplace and all to be seen was the blackness of space and the shining stars lighting the cracks and spaces between the boards on the floor. 
The cabin was filled with books most in writing I couldn’t understand but there was one ready for us on an alpaca blanket which was laid out just in front of the hearth of the fireplace. The cover of the leather bound book simply read, Joyce. 
I gently laid you down on the side closest to the fire and snuggled behind you and wrapped the blanket over us as you opened the book by Joyce and began reading with an amazing Irish tongue. 
I looked up at the two feathered creatures and they too had snuggled next to each other. The Dove burying her head in the chest of the Raven and then they turned into an emerald stone sculpture. The light thrown from your golden shine thrown onto them and a brilliant sense of love filled the cabin.
As I became more aware of the moment, I noticed from draping my arm over your stomach that we were not clothed and don’t think we ever had been since we met on the footpath. 
You knew what I just remembered and place the book open face down and turned towards me placing your hand on my chest and looked deep into my eyes. Your gaze was so powerful, intense, and pure love. I couldn’t take my eyes off yours. I touched your lips with my finger just grazing over them and your eyes closed as your mouth slightly opened and you released a breath of anticipation.
The next frame of our scene was our lips meeting and tasting each other. The sweet taste between us of the same desire for each other. A sense of ones heart in with the other. 
Each fine long hair of the alpaca softly supported our delicate love as we met as one when time had no meaning, no sense, and no restraint.
The proof we all look for in life and in the eternal love and eternity shown herself to us specifically in this moment. For us to know each other in ways no other one could comprehend.
Exploring each others bodies and the depths of the other’s mind, healing the other’s soul.
Your soft hands gliding around my body as mine hold you close. 
Our tongues introduce our newly found selves once again and they dance together.
We intertwine in a dance of our own under the light of the divine blessed to express ourselves fully in no fear.
As I realize the lack of anything negative, fearful, sadness, you were gone. No longer on top of me and I open my eyes only to see nothing again except the familiar sight I’m used to. 
The Vedic mantra comes back into focus as does Ila snoring and the fan, the fan is now on high somehow and is rattling from side to side. I get up to turn it off and lay back down and wishfully fall asleep in your arms again.

A Memory Reborn

Released from a life of torment and pain I feel the tides have turned.
From an unknown misery hidden by my heart to help others.
Cleansed by the caring of another I was able to find my soul again that I never knew I had.
Complexities simplified instantaneously
Love fluid like an opened dam on a river no longer held back.
Captivating currents rushing over the rock bed with swirling tides carrying sediment to their final resting places.
Pebbles forming new shores and beaches birthing new life.
A constant that is ever changing on a path that has been delivered onto her.
A full moon reflecting their love off every grain of smokey quartz flickering in her light.
A cooling refreshment of spirit touches him as his thoughts calm into one.
A reminder to him of something once known but a distant memory reignited as the flame he once possessed.
A fire from the water and the stone from the sky.
Four become one, in unity back to the beginning.

Freed Thoughts

The thought of freeing my thoughts
A community joining together to send a beached whale back home
A bird Sun gazing before the morning feeding
A tree reoxyginating the air we breathe

I step into the day born smiling once again
Indifferent to the old way scorn from those who pretend
Songs of liberation protected from the world
Delicate touch of silk strong enough to support them

The thought of freed thoughts founded


A manifested imagination of love never before defined.
Defined in a way without concept or idealisms.
Idealisms falter by design 
Design by nature generating life.
Life living and loving respectively 
Respectively equal in balance.

Ones masculinity for another's femininity.
Both residing in the same heart provided by both of them.
A shared consciousness, a single consciousness.
What’s really to share when two provide instantaneous needs naturally.

No-thing derived from nothing giving way to something.
Something generates into the manifestation.
Manifestation determinate by an order.
Order of all, order of love.

Love is love like I am I or you are you.
Love is love like the rain is purifying or the ground re-energizes.
Love is love like the ocean sings or clouds cloud.

Meeting Of The Minds

I am grateful for the gifts received
I am thankful for the blessings retrieved
I am gracious for the thoughts conceived
I am filled of love from the memories bereaved

My love stands on the shore across the sea
She stands just out of sight from me
Our hearts peer into each others souls to plea
For a life unconsidered prior of thee

In one another’s arms our blood unites
Our arms hold each other from dusk til early morning light
Confessions confounding ones might
Together their love is proven right

Hearts divided came together 
Pain subsided and loved forever
The feel of their skin enchanting
As they wrap arms while dancing

Their minds rest in the company of peace 
My flesh on her flesh
My love on her love
Breath of one in synchronicity 

Our Experience

As I stand holding myself she intrudes in my protection
I didn’t even notice it happened
She melded with my heart so swiftly there was  no time for inspection
Am I waiting to wake up and ask myself what happened?


The thing everyone wants, everyone looks for, everyone would kill for.
The thing nobody has, nobody found, nobody lives.
The thing they are envious of, jealous of, hateful of and will take it from you.
The thing you just have or don’t. The thing you just know or don’t. The thing that pushes all to the edge and without faith, your leap won’t find love.


In a time of reconciliation and transformation.
In a time of rediscovery and transition.
Two reality’s meet on a destination of destiny.
A future no one saw, or did they.
Did it already happen and it’s the memory we live now or is the love the time itself.


In each others hearts
In each others minds
In each others souls
These spirits are two of a kind
God whisping the air with a hand of hope
God’s intention for them to meet was specifically designed


Too feel love again
To feel 
To feel pain again
To feel
To show love again
To show
To show pain again
To show

A storm always finishes at the darkness of nights calm put to bed by the morning Sun.


An infinite instances leading one foot after the other to an inevitable collision.
A butterfly flaps it’s wings and windows are boarded.
Light feeds the life of the living and the dead rest beneath them
We gaze in each others eyes lost in the Sun.

The Morning Dew

My mind wakens and I see her looking at me
My body stirs as she lays her hand on my chest
She smiles gently down at me as I open my heart up to her
Our electricity merge together to form its own magnetosphere

Impenetrable by the inconceivable
Infatuated by the innocent
Indecent to the incredulous
Institutionalization or enlightenmentalization

Their  diaphanous dialectic Deter the Damned
An explosion extrapolating from an exponential embrace
An erroneous armory of accolades from agnostics
A floundering philosophy feared by the filaments

The light outshines its starting point and the darkness out darkens its ending point only to come together as one, as none, begging to be distinguished