Saturday, July 01, 2017

A Memory Reborn

Released from a life of torment and pain I feel the tides have turned.
From an unknown misery hidden by my heart to help others.
Cleansed by the caring of another I was able to find my soul again that I never knew I had.
Complexities simplified instantaneously
Love fluid like an opened dam on a river no longer held back.
Captivating currents rushing over the rock bed with swirling tides carrying sediment to their final resting places.
Pebbles forming new shores and beaches birthing new life.
A constant that is ever changing on a path that has been delivered onto her.
A full moon reflecting their love off every grain of smokey quartz flickering in her light.
A cooling refreshment of spirit touches him as his thoughts calm into one.
A reminder to him of something once known but a distant memory reignited as the flame he once possessed.
A fire from the water and the stone from the sky.
Four become one, in unity back to the beginning.

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