Saturday, July 01, 2017

Our Experience

As I stand holding myself she intrudes in my protection
I didn’t even notice it happened
She melded with my heart so swiftly there was  no time for inspection
Am I waiting to wake up and ask myself what happened?


The thing everyone wants, everyone looks for, everyone would kill for.
The thing nobody has, nobody found, nobody lives.
The thing they are envious of, jealous of, hateful of and will take it from you.
The thing you just have or don’t. The thing you just know or don’t. The thing that pushes all to the edge and without faith, your leap won’t find love.


In a time of reconciliation and transformation.
In a time of rediscovery and transition.
Two reality’s meet on a destination of destiny.
A future no one saw, or did they.
Did it already happen and it’s the memory we live now or is the love the time itself.


In each others hearts
In each others minds
In each others souls
These spirits are two of a kind
God whisping the air with a hand of hope
God’s intention for them to meet was specifically designed


Too feel love again
To feel 
To feel pain again
To feel
To show love again
To show
To show pain again
To show

A storm always finishes at the darkness of nights calm put to bed by the morning Sun.


An infinite instances leading one foot after the other to an inevitable collision.
A butterfly flaps it’s wings and windows are boarded.
Light feeds the life of the living and the dead rest beneath them
We gaze in each others eyes lost in the Sun.

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