Monday, August 20, 2012


I thank you by smashing your dishes at your feet
Termites oozing up through the floor boards gasping for liquid air

Splintered meals given to them by birds feasting on their shell of life
Teasing homage with death. truth

Neutralize neuron stimulations
Fate determined by an 8 ball shaken not stirred

Dipsticks and flash sticks comprised of poison

Rambling run ons ramble in a pint cup of whiskey with promises flowers around Your neck but its too tight
Lines drawn on the legs of dames 

Printing and pressing cartridges which end their better counterparts cry of domination

Freedom dropping disinformation from bombs falling through the fog
Stained with the scent of nothing 

Hail the silenced evil no more bunker blues served with cyanide flavored sweet tarts

Jungles of green and subterranean lairs
Separated by the water that feeds them only to be conquered by freedom once again 

Falling fire balls torching backs of babes
Kneeling for cover with no breath left

Digging for hope praying for nothing to give faith

Burning away into ash covering the decks of cats 

Treading on the treads suffocating any hope of reincarnation

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