Monday, August 20, 2012

I continue

I continue. I push on
I wake even though I'd rather not, I eat even though I don't hunger

I smile, it's not me
I laugh, it's at you

Teeth prowling for a wise word to sharpen its habit with
A step down on the rest of beings being humane at each other not with each other 

Sitting politic in the steel belly of the cole 
Ghosts of fallen heroes that humanity can't seem to understand 

A destiny that no one wants to admit so he'll hold that blanket till he dies of a stroke 
Crippling his hands no longer being able to hold white cotton dreams 

Cutting his thumb suckling to the bone exposing stainless steel digitus-manus
Self mutilate to cut out the pain, the pain driving unfilled cavities. thirsting for more but no one wants to give up the lucky 

So they reserve and hold back putting up Hadrian. only no one is around to Guard the wicked 

Ogres trample with fist thumping chests. stringy hair that is dead and creeps Around like cotton spider webs. impounded souls repo'd by Baal Zebub himself, Fallen from a gate that was never open to begin with

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