Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Between The Distance

patterns emerging from the past
A past that would never last.
Forever as one  we swore to be
But she chose drugs and alcohol over me.

Remembering a reminder which that lays upon my breast.
Tis not her but a tattoo that caresses my chest.
Wherefore art thou Juliet?
Dancing and singing her own minuet 

Resurfacing pain from her new found life
Refurbishing her subconscious spite

But tis happiness that protrudes her skin
Heart internalized where its safe and so it begins
On the waves of an ocean tween two vessels
Overtaken by the wake of colliding forces
Peaceful slumber could not find me fast enough
Enough says my Raven, your journey has been rough

He rests his weary wings on my bow
A silent gaze seeks the truth of how
How is that I always find you he asks now
Now I am silent gazing through him

Weren't you ready? Didn't you see it begin?
You wretched flying rodent I proclaim
I was happy, happy til you flew back into my brain
My reminding past my perceiving future I shall oust you

Don't you see? I'm inside you
You couldn't rid me even if you tried to
Leave me alone you fowl bird I was happy being without you
I shalt not be alone though so I guess you can stick around for a few

Thats right, I've taught you and helped you.
But I also can hurt you and destroy you

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