Friday, August 17, 2012

Cleanse Me

The rain will come one day
To wash away the decay from my heart
Needing to break out of my chest
It claws, ripping and tearing through my flesh

Needing light, sight
Insight which manifests from my minds sight
Transforming, energy evolved
Spreading away and thin fading into darkness

Desire not which thy seek
But to desire that which thy reap
My heart tires of weeping, tires from pain
Heavy and sinking that which i built to keep afloat

Never to forget my hearts memory stored on the backs of broken dreams

A feeling controlled only to be set free 
Released by you, a love to be
Patterns sewn together by stitches of silk
Our seamstress flawless and seamless design

Like two fabrics of time on a single plane

A heart seen through
As our keys pass through.

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