Sunday, August 19, 2012

Quantum Enygmas

My thoughts are clustered, scrambled, and inconceivable. evil to the point Loki wouldn't try to take me away. 

The reaper has tried and failed. sin doesn't begin to explain the fury my mind portrays into my reality. twisting streamlined goodness into predetermined lines that don't quite fly straight.

Thoughts squeal deep within like a loose fan belt. recollecting images as touch comes to surface instantly providing truth. let it be told.

Let it be told the valley of the blind can't see hatred. would you take candy from a baby?
Why take innocence?

I sit behind hell's gate with the devil as my cell mate. 
The method to madness is understanding that madness has no order. having two thoughts in the same instance with two different outcomes bordering on the fence of sanity held up by the backs of the weak, tired, hungry, and poor. a brain with no segue, no intermittence and no washer fluid. scraping away the crust of life flicking it into eternity. sneakers with more traction than a recent paraplegic that was hit by a bus full of asian gamblers picxing on their newly acquired iPhones. 

Pick a line out of my notebook and sniff it but leave the ink in your brain causing stroking explosions deafening your affliction. 

A pilot stove lit wit hydrogen stoking a flame of blue heat melding together two pennies and rubber souls.

Take what is pure from my rib and gnaw off purity digesting the new sin of Liberty.
Only to be interrupted by a bomb shell raised in a sheltered canopy. 

So my thoughts start over again…

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