Thursday, June 22, 2017

mo ghrá bheith liom

For you I would crawl on broken limbs
Through broken brush and over broken trees
Cross broken bridges and seal up broken dams
Pluck you from the rushing creek of broken dreams
Patch and wrap your delicate broken wings
Carry your broken body up broken cliffs
Mending a broken heart from broken promises
Broken truths, broken love, deliver me this broken dove
From a broken life of a broken reality we mend each others broken insanity
A broken thought sealed with a broken kiss
A broken touch that is no longer missed

A whole heart for a whole soul
and a whole embrace for your whole love
My whole love for a whole embrace
And my whole soul for a whole heart

My whole life and my whole dream
Is as whole as my whole life with you
If whole is as whole can seem
Then it is no wonder I see my dream with you

An instant connection an instant ascension
Instant protection from worldly pretention
Material flesh that begs to rest
From the materials of ungodly tests

Such vows etched into my heart plead mercy with your love

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