Thursday, June 22, 2017


Two immovable objects meet for the first time and cages collide as wits size each other up. Testing the thickness of the prison door bars. 
Contrasting conflicts and concerns dependent on the giving in of the others will and neither gives in.
Rather the cages merge slowly and the bars seamlessly mesh together.
Mind sets thrown back and forth absorbed equally and digested. They both smile secretly at each other wondering who saw it.
A meeting of the minds, two of a kind.
Determinate upon ones willingness to consciously submit without giving in.
Both wonder which will give first, whom will slip first. 
Simultaneous thoughts similar to the instant saturation of an emotion both have searched for but reluctantly gave up so long ago.
A fate that destiny couldn’t even propagate. 
A divine gift gifted to the patiently waited souls that imagine a dream seen since the dawn of time herself.

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