Sunday, June 18, 2017


As you check your Instagram, Facebook, twitter, and email 
I’m the one providing reality at retail
If you’re looking for truth, I’ll provide the detail
If you’re looking for fear porn, that’s currently on sale
My words will hook you in like a black Friday sale
So long as you’re looking for me, I will never fail

You sit in front of your computer reading the Daily Mail
And a virus infects your brain like a a malicious chain  email
You s e i z e and c-c-c-convulse into spasms and you fall ROTFLOL
Your vision and bandwidth narrows as the hashtags overwhelm you like a ringing church bell bell bell.

LOL, OMG, BTW… hashtag apathy
Your left brain fights with the right in a battle of self controversy
And God wins out again with a great Divine Comedy
splitting your speech and flooding your world in tragedy

Your heart starts to race, 
your mind is out of place, 
your soul is out of pace, 
as you wipe the sweat from your face.

You frantically and manically think what to do so you press alt control delete
That didn’t work so you repeat, alt control delete alt control delete
Your brain freeeezzzeess and your hard drive stops spinning
Your efforts to comprehend are fruitless and the worm eats away at the c0re.

*user not found/bad sector discovered

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