Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mo Lachín

I walk through my mind stepping on the memories that thrust me now and then
Sometimes forgetting what steps I've taken and what steps I am going to take

A plethora of imaginable thoughts rush and flood me but my myriad of bricks keep me atop of the dangers

My crown peeks above the fog and tree tops from which evil hurls their shit  at me trying to stunt me

Thunder storms pound me and soak me to the bone trying to weaken me
Lightening strikes all around me creating craters, fallen trees, trying to slow me from reaching my top but I know I will make it

I know what awaits me. I know what calls out to me
I claw and crawl making my way past boulders and cliffs no man is worthy of

Gloom and doom become hope and happiness
Dark and storms become day and sunshine brightening my faith in that which I lost

Sun enters my heart as I reach the crest, the pinnacle of what is to be my life
My happiness

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