Monday, September 13, 2010


Before vision broken, before fingers working, discovery of light was the first wonder.

Calmly awaiting my turn in line to be printed onto a new page. Such a small book yet enormous imagination.

Lands of free and chaotic miseries yet to be experienced. Wheels to turn that break flat into sneakers amongst shattered glass and hated personal holidays.

They coped and dealt with the confusion, frustrations, fears, and joys to eventually receive another page.

Hungary for knowledge and thirsty for pain that which is brought on selfishly like the best friend that doesn't speak.

Clouding judgment with acid rain pouring down on relations burning their trust down only to extinguish the flames of hurt with sorrow and guilt.

The first came and went like bees in the Fall. Bird flew South shortly there after betraying the wind and traveling with another.

I couldn't help but sting myself to wake up and see farther and beyond a wrinkle.

Realizing that in pages to come, others of the same would be printed with me.  

Early on the pages got worn, torn, used beyond understanding. Fading past from a blinded future. Smells trigger old ones and new memories become blinded before they are even born.

Destruction and assembly in mechanics kept me busy until a new and exciting tool was gifted. An element to perceive thoughts onto the pages. Intrusive, rude, and loving strokes of lead formed and told ages of time.

I remember running freely through the fields that had no name with showering droplets of water that was freedom then. No cares or thoughts of hurt.

Then, without warning, all ceased to exist. Time sped up and fun became faded. Forgotten to life and pavement where lessons were learned in a most demanding and costly way.


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