Sunday, September 12, 2010


Some would rather hide and some would rather be seen. Trees. Tree trunks hide and leaves are shown. Protecting and sheltering the trunk. The first time the leaves mature they are constantly bombarded by their environment. Its war since birth but frontlines at maturity. Only 14 rings and a trees leaves fight off many attacks but lose some as well. Learning life in the process.

The privileges were there but the choice to make prospects and trauma were the decision of stupidity.

Life is learned.

Black and Blue awards, ribbons of fear and hate were no challenge. As right as nature, random but sensible.

Understanding where to go and what it would take to get there is often misleading and uncertain. Streets never curve the same way and there is always construction. Bridges pass by, some are burnt down, and some will be rebuilt better than before. Some bridges will never coexist again. Tethered to time by hopes and dreams and not reality is what will be the downfall.


Come into play, barter. Money. Big time.

A dream of flash and sparkles faded the twinkle of innocence into a dark sinful hater. Consequently, time speeds up again and all is lost through a white storm trampled by the horse that no one can ride. A black horse coming for one of you. Causing you to stare nothingness in the face with flashes of showering water droplets turning red. Holding the one you can say you love comfortably until erased from your page can only be overturned by turning the page. Deep, rigid lines protrude for pages and chapter to come but it gets a little faded as the book goes on.

The dream of seeing them at your wedding or Childs graduation instantly becomes a memory that will never happen.

Pain and tears run far with no direction or compass. Mind travels blindly through fog searching for reason but reason is not around yet. Patience though because reason will show her face and you will kiss her lovingly. Traumatically taken from you time to time, reason will resurface with new additions and chapters of life for the book but do not erase them for memories cannot be undone. Besides, the eraser has been nervously chewed away and now the lead is a quarter gone. Time becomes precious and more valuable than ever. Serenity becomes a battle cry and sight has no place in the real world.


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