Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Modern Day Common Sense

We all know dirty wealthy white elites rule the world, we all know police are beating us down daily and stealing our crops, we all know we are being poisoned so we go to the doctors to get another prescription from big pharma, we all know that democracy does not work, and we all know that there is no one else to blame except for ourselves. The same sad pitiful face we look at everyday we wake up and look into the mirror wishing it was magical. 
All the activists that don’t act except on the occasional. All the protestors that protest on the occasional. Yes, all in vein. Think not? Think again. Who really notices your actions? except those who are already by your side? No politician notices behind their marble walls and cherry oak desks with their Italian leather office chairs and their high thread suits. 300,000 in campaign contributions please and no fear of federal indictments. 
We have reached a Plateau, a stone wall, a cliff face and no one else is going to attempt to help us overcome. Who is awake now is it. The rest that refuse to wake up will remain content with the way things are and are unreliable. We are the last stand and it is time for action not weekend protesting that no longer matters. Todays generation has no common sense nor has even read Payne’s Common Sense let alone read a book longer than 47 pages. What will it take to regain what we as humans are gifted at birth? What will it take to get back to the roots that had ideals and rights protecting us from the exact position we are in today? 
We have no more Daniel Morgans or Paul Reveres, we have no more Washington's or Paynes, no more that are willing to say we are fed up. What do we have? Pokimon Go and Xbox, Pepsi and Coors, Sports stars getting paid millions, technocrats and aristocrats, the RNC and DNC, Vatican and U.S. Military, Rothschilds and Rockafellers. Enough distractions to occupy the minds of the weak. Just weak enough until you try and take these things out from under them then they will fight for their enslavement. They will fight their own blood to keep their head in the sand. They will disassociate to kill people they don’t know for reasons they have no idea what for. They will kill to disassociate.
So stay confined to your soap boxes and your free speech zones.
I see that which you choose not to see, that which you choose not to hear, that which you choose not to act upon.
I fear that which you have no conceptual grasp for. A fear you cannot comprehend.
I walk on streets littered with the unread leaflets of Common Sense crumpled and stained with your blood.
I breathe the fowl air burdened with the stench of bile and gun powder and I cough in stride.
You understand not what they show us, what they tell us, and what they do to us.
You pay them to lock you up. You pay them to kill you.
You pay them to spy on you and you pay them to indenture you.
You see the mask smiling at you but you fail to see the plot just beneath. You fail to see the slope of a nose staring at you from atop the pyramid.
You fail to see the red and blue pulsating flicker rates during the half time show. You fail to see because you really don’t want to. 
It can’t be this way you tell yourself. They wouldn’t do that to us you remind yourself.
There was a time when this country was considered great. Land of the free and home of the brave. Yet somewhere we lost the sense of our past, lost the sense of who we are, and lost the sense of our sense. Do our bombs burst in the air or just our fireworks? 
What does it mean to live in a free society anyway. We have freedom to speak yet we have hate speech. We have freedom to practice religion yet we kill in the name of religion. We have rights and freedoms yet I would ask what are these and where are they. 
There was a time, not long ago, a time in which good men fought for good ideas. Fought for good hearts and good causes. Causes like the most important one called freedom. An idea long since lost in still frames and 30 frames per second. Lost in translation and translated for us to save time. Public relations telling us what to like, believe, fear, purchase, and preach. 
There was a time when great men met at a pub to discuss livelihood, prosperity, and happiness not single serving conversations like what I hear these days. Sports scores, who said what about who, how intoxicated you got last night while chugging a beer. It sickens me to think that the future of such a great foundation is left to such a tragic institution of puppets. I dare not ask what are you willing to die for let alone fight for and quite honestly the idea frightens me the level in which one would go to protect their own enslavement. Slavery that is actually dismissed and never even spoken of. It’s not hash tagged, it’s not trending, and it’s not the buzz yet it lurks right there in front of you masked with a smile. 
How did we not become indebted to France rather than bankers whom never held let alone fired a gun? Individuals who care not of your well being but rather their own well being of their deep pockets. A small group of individuals whom shape the world you live in with financing all sides guaranteeing their return. 
I dream of bumping into a Franklin or Jefferson. Chit chatting with George Washington over some home distilled whiskey discussing the evolution of revolutions that have freed men over the generations. Joking about making the Red Coats run with their tails between their legs. Out numbered 10 to 1 and yet an idea triumphed. No shoes, no socks, sometimes no food or even clothes. Musket ball rations and sleeping under the stars… in the snow. These men would and are weeping over our insolence and unpatriotic dissonance. Rolling in their graves wouldn’t begin to explain the discourse of their ideas of a future in our hands that we have so readily relinquished to another crown, another Red Coat. These men wouldn’t fight with us. They wouldn’t even fight for us. 
Your food is taxed, your homes are taxed, your goods are taxed, your labor is taxed, your entertainment is taxed as well is your life. Taxes on your health coverage, prescriptions, medical procedures, and your death. Your vehicles are taxed and your vacations. Your children's education and trust funds are taxed. 
You pay to send your children to a war for control over oil that you are taxed for to purchase. 
You send your children to foreign countries to kill humans that just want to live like you or I without persecution of way of life.

Every man and woman on this planet lives in sin because they will not help their brothers and sisters. They will not stand up for what is inherently right and morally conscious. They do not love all if any and they refuse to speak truth. You remain confined in a diverse division of a population determined for self destruction 

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