Wednesday, November 25, 2015

United Serfs of America

The ground growls like a lions roar The air is scented with gun oil Automated birds hum silently above Like an eagle stocking it's prey We sing freedom Fog of war creeps through our concrete jungle in darkness Gravel trembles as rubble closes in Rain falls from silent birds stinging and blinding us We sing freedom Community stands undivided Cannon barrels peek around building corners and blast bleach infected water We fall but are picked up by faith and heart We sing freedom Rubber shots scream from rooftops and flash bangs surrounds us. Yet we still hear urban rubber soles stomp toward us Our ears and noses bleeding Our hearts cry freedom Blurry figures behind shields with batons emerge before us Gas masked faces and layered plated body armor divides humanity from an industrial complex Silence stuns the air as a moment of clarity enlightens us Our minds chant freedom

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