Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Attraction

A shadow in the distant horizon comes towards me and I squint to observe.
An orb tinted from the outside world with shaded colors of brilliance.
As this orb gets near I see shapes take form as my eyes adjust to the beauty contained within.
An inner orb of light emerges as the tint fades away
And I peer into the light.
A center orb emits a bright yellow white light that surrounds everything with in until it meets its canopy of shade.
Illuminating all as it touches lives and hearts.
From the center orb are two spiral cones of purple, green, and blue twisting to a single point on either side of the orb vertically.
A thin knowledge of soft gold separates each color like a division of time is softened by memories.
I am lost staring into this awefull beauty that captivates my mind and soul.
Images from the past and future make their quantum leaps from one side of my brain to the other.
Tingles of joy strike my fingertips and toes as I try to comprehend the sight standing before me then I go blind and see her smiling.

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