Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The River's Edge

I'm standing at the Rivers edge
And the shadow is creeping up behind me
A spike, a steak, a driven wedge
It consumes the people that flee

I'm standing with the people at the Rivers edge
They drown alone fleeing the shadow
The shadow that creeps up behind me
As they jump in fear from the Rivers edge

Mother Nature what have we done
No longer can we run from the shadow
Why can't we brave it as one
Its to dark here in the shadow

Wont you take me with you far away
Away from this shadow away from the Rivers edge
On this edge in the shadow together we cant stay
Hand in hand together we can leap from this Rivers edge

Mother Mother hold us together
And together we can leave the shadow
Its the light within that lasts forever
As we lay you down to sleep in our shadow

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