Wednesday, December 01, 2010

mo ionúin

Tears share the path until split by my heart

soaking sleeves to which only one can see.

Happy tears to the left, sad ones to the right

All unspoken shoulders hold up so much

Not to step before thee I wish not to fold up

even though in my mind the words are trouble

The boundaries cannot stumble

Google can bring the chorus in and Bing will mix the message within

But the search results were already in replaced with substitutions of inspirations

Life is as simple as it is not like a caterpillar hibernating late in Fall

Like a newborn learning to crawl

like a man leaping back up from a hard fall

If it were to be that light no more could see

I would set a fire my heart

If it were to be that song could no more be sung

My vocals I would part

If it were to be that walk could no longer pace

My legs  give to replace

Sounds of song wake my morning mind and calm the day with ease and memories

Nights are warmed by third eye smiles sent through a simple message

Simple and complicated in tandem

A moon around its world wishing for a total lunar eclipse.


Simply put, decoded and decrypted

To which I wish nothing shady or explicit,


Age makes me think of how little time some may have on this planet as I came to find this morning when I awoke to the news of a grandmother, her heart giving in to the stresses of life and time.

She is so hard core but age is harder and time is something that is not on her side right now.

We all go through life losing people close to us

It would seem that death is eventually a must

But before its too late,

Simply put

To you my heart I entrust


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